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Profile Magnet

A LinkedIn Prospecting System

  • Leverage your own LinkedIn profile and network
  • Get 60-300 targeted inbound leads per month
  • For a fixed monthly price!

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You have a stellar product or service that is gonna sell like HOTCAKES with your targeted audience on LinkedIn!

What if...

  • Thousands of targeted professionals visited your LinkedIn profile each month, without you calling or emailing them?
  • And dozens of them reached out to you through connection requests or direct message?
  • This could all be done without advertisements??

At this point, the burning question in your mind should be, "Can this even be done?!"

We have good news!

  • This is what our proprietary tool, KUWARE Profile Magnet, does.
  • The actual results our clients experience are often 3-5 times higher than the numbers presented.

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What do I get?

  • We will strategize your prospecting needs with you.
  • Your LinkedIn profile will be enhanced to make it more prospect-friendly.
  • Targeted prospects will be selected through Sales Navigator.
  • We will perform our proprietary Profile Magnet service
  • You will receive inbound messages or connection request from as many as 300 (at least 60) of your targeted prospects each month.

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