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Jan 11, 2018

Prime Real Estate: Your LinkedIn Headline

What do you see when you scroll through people’s profiles on LinkedIn? Their picture, their name, and their headline, right? And what do most headlines say? Job titles, usually. Do you find that interesting? Me neither.

What if you’re scrolling along and you see, “Want to get the most out of your LinkedIn use? Let’s chat!”? I’m betting your interest might be piqued then!

Imagine what effect you could have on your target audience, if you were to address their concerns right there under your photo. Do you think you might get more engagement than just listing your job title there? In fact – I guarantee you would. Your job title is already listed elsewhere – don’t waste this prime virtual real estate on duplicate information that is never going to grab someone’s attention. Communicate directly to your prospects with your headline!

Whether your prospects are potential employers, or potential customers, let them know you understand their needs, and you’re prepared to fulfill them. And what better way to do that than with those 120 characters right at the top of your profile?

We know that this is an effective strategy from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped with our LinkedIn prospecting tool, Kuware Profile Magnet.

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