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LinkedIn Premium Plans Pricing and Features

LinkedIn has changed its premium plans recently. The user interface is still in flux and users are slowly being transitioned to the new UI.  The largest impact is on Premium Business users.  The pricing and features of these plans have created a little bit of confusion, and LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to compare the offerings.

We have sifted through the pricing and features of premium plans for Business User and Sales Prospector. We present the offerings in an easy-to-consume table format below.  Hopefully, this will help you decide between the Business and Sales Navigator plans.

If you are new to Sales Navigator, and especially if you are used to Business Pro World, please be warned that the Sales Navigator interface can be somewhat daunting at first, but is still worth exploring. You can always do their 30-day free trial to kick the tires before plunking down your money. We are in the business of lead generation, so we might be biased when we say this, but we find Sales Navigator an indispensable tool when working on a campaign for our clients. If you want to know more about LinkedIn and how to use it for prospecting, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you.