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Using ProfileMagnet™ for Recruiting

ProfileMagnet™ has proven to be a great solution for many people who want to generate targeted, inbound leads for sales. We often get asked, however, if ProfileMagnet™ can be tasked with other use cases, such as recruiting. So we tried it, and the answer is a resounding “yes.” Our ProfileMagnet™...
Boolean Search on LinkedIn-Profile Magnet

How to do a Boolean Search on LinkedIn (free version)

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for finding prospects. It becomes more powerful when you take advantage of all its features. Hopefully, you know you can search using keywords on LinkedIn, but what about more complex search strings involving multiple and sometimes alternative words. Well we are in luck. LinkedIn...
Sales Tips for using LinkedIn

4 Sales Tips for Using LinkedIn

As I’m sure you know, LinkedIn is the largest B2B social network in the world. It is great for prospecting… if you use it right. Here are 4 great sales tips for using LinkedIn. 1.  Use LinkedIn to map your prospects Almost all complex or semi-complex sales involve multiple decision-makers...